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Indian Papoose

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22.09.2011, 09:09

Indian Papoose

I'm a new member and actually never heard of one of these until Yesterday. I was looking at a 1980 Vespa P125 when I saw this Indian Papoose sitting there. It's all original or at least it looks to be. It is black so I'm not sure if that was original. Still has the tag on it but it's been obviously sitting there for years. Is there anyway to give a ball park figure as to what this Bike might be worth. I think he would sell it but I don't have any idea as to value.

He does seem to be fair with his prices. He's not a Motorcyle Dealer but has many classic items for sale, cars, bikes etc. The Vespa 1980 P125 I looked at is in original condition and is mint. Runs perfect and looks like it's new. The man that bought it new said that he hardly ever rode it and kept it as part of a collection of scooters. He has several Cushmans etc.

I meant to add that the Vespa is $1500 which seems like a fair price for one in this excellent condition.