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Indian Papoose

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Stewart Forbes Jr

14.07.2014, 05:34


I bought a Indian Papoose off a friend of mine who had it for years it sat about 10 years before I got, I had it 13 years now , ben working on it sand blasted the body parts , they cleaned up nice , the wires are rotten touch them and the coating falls off , still has spark , the piston was stuck when I got but soaking in oil got it moving with out much trouble ,starting to put back together , have to rewire yet , got new tires and tubes on ,its all there seen it run many times when my friend had it , going to need a seat other than that its all there just waiting on me looking forward to getting it running again .not shore of the year though it has a trans , by pictures it looks like a 1953 , hope it I have a problem some on will be able to help me out . post more as I progress thanks Stew