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Mark Booth

30.06.2013, 22:06

New to this group looking for a value?

Hello All:

I am an avid motorcycle nut and have a pretty nice collection of bikes. Nothing fancy but just a great set of fun to ride bikes.

1995 Kawasaki 250 Ninja mint (wife's)
1986 Honda VFR750 mint
1975 Honda CB360 current fix and flip bike
1975 Kawasaki H2 Denco with Tracy Body current project
1970 Honda CL100 very nice condition just like the bike I had as a kid
1969 Honda Z50 K1 good shape
1967 Suzuki T-20 Street Racer produces @ 51 at the engine right now

So back to the reason of the contact... my neighbor has an Indian Papoose and is curious to know the value and possible sale of the bike. You can see photos of the bike here

So if there is some one in this group that can give me a real estimate of the value of the bike let me know. I would like to purchase the bike but since neither one of us knows the value of it we cannot settle on a price. If the value is very high I am sure that he will sell it to anyone that is willing to pay more than me..

It has not been tampered with and as you can see from the tag it has not been run in a very long time. But you can also see it is complete and in fair shape. So let me know what you guys think, I would be very interested in it.