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01.08.2012, 21:57

New member, Sweden


I live in Sweden and I managed to get hold of a Papoose in Australia, from a farmer. He had two of them behind his barn and I wrote him by email, I bought them and he sent them to me by aircargo. One of them was fully original and the other was a spare frame with parts. At the same time I managed to get a spare part book from England. I will not do any restaurations with the pieces yet since we are doing a restaration of a Texan SK 16 air plaine at the moment.
In the wood boxes I got a surprise which made my wife yell louder than Ive ever heard. Two crossback spiders from Australia run away in my garage, I cought one of them, the other one got away. A Papoose is worth it, right?
First time I saw a original bike was in a Swedish bike magazine, and I was hooked.