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The Indian Papoose had a few color options to choose from.

Polychromatic Blue
Indian Red
Polychromatic Bronze
High Gloss Standard Black, with combination colors red or blue
Color combinations can be: solid colors with headlight, horn,taillight and frame black
Most popular color scheme: tank,rear and front fender,weathersheild,color red, and chainguard,frame,rims
and everything else black.

Most generally the frame,headlight,horn,chainguard,taillight & taillight shield,rims,cylinder, "gloss black" unless special order.
Handlebars,handlebar alignment brace, "aluminum silver".
Small front handlebar shield with Indian decal"gloss black" on models MKI and MKII.
Exhaust castings, muffler cap ends and tail pipe "aluminum silver".
Header "black"

Luggage rack chrome.
Rear fender handle chrome.
Special order: chrome handle bars.

What does Polychromatic mean?
A multicolored paint finish.
A paint containing reflecting metallic flake and fine transparent pigments which
appear as a variety of colors when viewed from different angles.


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